Educational Network Operated By A Student.

Operated since June 2020.

We are a small IPv6 only network.
Mainly created to learn how to use network protocols, we are happy to help beginners in this field.
We are also committed to providing free IPv6 compatible services.
Want to join us? Look below!

What's new

  • 13.08.23 New router in Vittel (hosting ns2) & LG update
  • 08.08.23 New router in London (hosting ns3). New transit: Vultr
  • 23.11.22 Public Pi-Hole is now available.
  • 23.11.22 Public Bitwarden instance is now available.
  • 23.11.22 Status page is now available to monitor infrastructure status.
  • 02.10.22 New nameservers: ns3, ns4, ns5 & ns6 + new router in Dussedorlf,DE & WeatherMap Update.
  • What's next

  • Applying automatic IRRDB filtering to downstreams
  • Applying RPKI Validation to downstreams
  • Infrastructure in DC
  • Want to help ?

    Since this is a non-profit network, We're seeking for all the help we can get.

    If you have the resources or the willingness to help us improve our network, you can email us through the NOC email address.


    Peering request & NOC: noc[at]as213045[dot]net
    Abuse: abuse[at]as213045[dot]net