Our Prefixes

Announced by AS213045

Last update: December 12th 2022

IP v4/v6 Country Prefix Description
v6 2a0e:8f02:2000::/44 Infrastructure IPv6 Pool
v6 2a06:a005:e20::/44 European Network
v6 2a06:a005:1140::/44 US Network
v6 2a06:a005:1ef0::/44 Oceania Network
v6 2602:fc23:11a::/48 Canadian Network
v6 2a13:1c47:ffdd::/48 DNS Anycast Anycast
v6 2a07:54c2:b00b::/48 The b00b Collective Multi ASN
v6 2602:fafd:f0b::/48 US Network Not Announced
v6 2a0e:b107:1030::/48 Announcement Test Prefix

More information about each prefix and their sub-allocation on the RIPE Database.